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Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga uses the Antigravity Fitness hammocks to suspend upside-down for spine relaxation, sit & lie in for relaxation, they are used to create resistance for fitness movements for full body toning and can be used to enable fun tricks, flipping and flying in.

Classes are 60 mins long and all start with a few moments of quiet time in our own hammock space focussing on breathing and being present in the class. All sessions end in our cocoon to relax the body. Each instructor will create their own session in their own style.

We offer Aerial Yoga on a Pay As You Go basis where you can book weekly for the class or you can block book 4 sessions to be used on 4 consecutive weeks, this option offers a reduced price.

On the first Tuesday of each month the 7.15pm Aerial Yoga class will be the Restorative format where we use low slung hammocks to focus on stretching, mobilisation and relaxation.

Watch this reel for an example of how to book:

Aerial Hoop

The hoop courses run in 8 week blocks and will incorporate learning the fundamentals of entering and dismounting the hoop. Your instructor will assess your ability ongoing through the course and challenge you with various tricks, strength & fitness drills and spins with a view to creating routines.  Aerial hoop is great fun, fantastic for abs and upper body strength and anyone can do it. We build you up, you gain confidence and you progress.  All classes are led by our fully qualified and certified Xpert Aerial Hoop Instructor, Lisa. All hoops are weight tested and rigging is professional climbing standard.

Pole Dance & Fitness

Pole Fitness brings pole dancing into a studio environment with numerous benefits including improved strength, posture, toning, sculpture, flexibility and can give you a massive boost of confidence and body awareness.  It increases stamina and overall can burn many calories too.  Most of all it is FUN which is an absolute must at High!

Pole is a progressive activity, there is SO much you can achieve BUT you must walk before you can run as we want to ensure your safety and build your confidence. We have developed courses that build your ability using a mixture of moves including spins, tricks, floor work, lifts and climbs.

Your teachers Laura & Lisa are both X-pole qualified by Xpert Training and are ready to take on absolute beginners all the way through to our advancing polers.

Course Structure

Both our Aerial Hoop and Pole Dance & Fitness courses run in 8 week blocks, where you attend the same class on the same day & time each week. This is to give you the ability to progress logically and safely. It also allows your instructors to be able to plan lessons that allow you to progress and improve in a way that is tailored to you. Everyone is different, so do not be disheartened if you don’t get something the first time you try or if someone who started at the same time or after you achieves something before you, we are all on our own journey’s.

Each session in the block will have something new to learn or something to continue to work on. Whether that be a routine, new moves or old moves revisited and improved upon as your skill set and strength both grow.

We run Beginners/Improvers, Intermediate and Mixed level sessions and also Pole Flow choreography based class to cater for anyone from complete beginner’s right up to advanced polers.

Beginners/Improvers: This is for those who have either never poled before or have started their pole journey and are working on their fundamental moves. Includes low pole, basework, strengthening, conditioning to the pole and progressing to basic invert, climbs and simple shapes.

Intermediates: This is aimed at those who are inverting, able to climb and leg hang and have built up a tolerance to the skin use on the pole. These basic higher level principles allow many tricks and skills to be developed and combined.

Mixed Ability: These classes are an opportunity for anyone of any level to join from beginners through to advanced and moves, skills and tricks are multi level.

Pole Flow: designed with the dancers in mind. Creating choreography and flowing around a pole in different styles. Polers joining this class need to have confidence with the fundamental movements learned in the first 8 week course or the Intro to Pole. You will be challenged to to move with the music and keep going. Routines are developed over 8 weeks so by the end you would be able to perform with confidence.

If you have previous pole experience elsewhere, please contact us at or on our facebook page before attending one of our sessions to discuss your level and where you may fit in best with exisiting polers.


In the event of being unable to attend a class you have pre-booked we will be able to offer you a transfer to another class within the same 8 week course period to keep you progressing on your criteria. In the instance of being unable to access another class please message us and we will make arrangements for you to attend an alternative class at High.  Once you have committed to a course, unfortunately, we do not offer refunds, though circumstances will be taken into consideration.  We can transfer a course if you have informed us prior to the course start date, so we can offer your place to the next person on the waiting list.  If there are exceptional circumstances we will offer a refund, less a 10% admin charge.


For both Aerial Hoop and Pole the early bird sign up/continuation is £85 a course, the price then goes up to £95 the week prior to courses starting. All current attendees will get a priority booking opportunity to continue their journey with us. 2 weeks prior to the course start we will open up all other places. You can get in early by putting your name on the waitlist where you’ll be notified as soon as places go live.

How to Book

Go to the booking system to the right of this screen. Choose the session you are interested in, go to the start date on the calendar, click on the time slot and continue through checkout.

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