Take a look at the Timetable below and see what you would like to do, please message us if you have any questions. We always welcome feedback.

*This is to run from Nov 2018

High Timetable - Nov 2018


  • Sophie farrington

    Hi how do I book on to the classes?

  • Hi, I’m really interested in trying the antigravity yoga. I’ve never done anything like this before but can only come on a Tuesday not when the taster is on. Is this ok or will it be too advanced?

    • Hiya Hannah – you can come to any of the sessions. The timetable will be updated tomorrow as the Wednesdya is no longer a taster session. All the instructors can adapt moves to take care of absolute beginners and cater for those who have been before. You can book on for a pay as you go or there are 3 tuesdays left on this block which can be bought as a bulk purchase. Hope that helps, Danni x

  • I can pay in two parts, cash, next Tuesday. I wish to attend bootcamp, beginners pole and anti gravity yoga on Monday. Barrflow, anti gravity yoga and hoop on Tuesday. And open pole on Thursday

  • Hi I have 3 girls interested in the kids classes aged 8,8,&11 just wondering on prices and how we book? Also do do have any kids holiday classes running. Thank you.

    • Hi Kelly, the sessions are £5 per child. We have classes on a Monday at 4.30pm though this class is not on next week as our instructor is away but the class will resume on Monday 3rd August. You can book online at http://www.bookwhen.com/high we dont have any kids clubs running other than our regular class due to other teaching/work commitments we have. I hope that helps. Kind regards, Danni

  • Hi, Am I able to come & have a look at a session before I commit? If this is acceptable, where can I find you in Shrewsbury


    • Hi Clare, what session are you looking at doing… Pole or Hoop? We have a pole class on Saturday 11.15am you could pop in and take a look at. Or you can trial a Hoop class on a Tuesday at 7.30pm for £10. We are at Battlefield rural enterprise park. If you look on the contacts page in the website you will see directions. Let me know what you’d like to do and I can book you in, many thanks, Danni

  • Hi, Do you run a barreflow class at the moment?

    • Hi Imogen
      We aren’t running the Barre class but Annalie runs a Freestyle Fitness Yoga class instead. Would that be any use to you? Danni

  • Hello,

    I would like to join the Antigravity fitness class on Wednesday’s at 6pm. Initially I’m happy to pay for the 4 weeks but I’d like to pay in cash, can you let me know if I’m able to do this instead of paying online please?

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Brogan

      Yes that is no problem at all. Would you like me to book you in for 4 weeks starting next week? You can bring the £32 in cash then. Many thanks, Danni

  • Hello is it ok if you go to different Antigravity fitness class each week?

  • Hi, I was wondering can you payg on the pole lessons or can you only pay all at once? Thank you 🙂

  • I would like to book for the next 4 weeks Ariel yoga on a Wednesday. Can I pay the £32 in cash on my first week.

    • Hi Janet, I’m very sorry, at the moment the Wednesday class is fully booked. We have space in our sessions on Monday at 7.30pm or Tuesday 6.30pm – would either of those be any good? If I have any cancellations for a Wednesday i can let you know, Kind regards, Danni

  • I am currently enquiring about when your Ariel hoop session start..I look after a young girl who is 15 and is interested in joining, she currently does Ariel hoop. But needs one in this area.

    Can you shed some more light on how I go on about bringing her let or what I need to do.

    • Hi Clare, our next courses will next start from the week beginning 19th March and all details will be available on the website this week as we will be updating it. Our courses run in blocks and this next block will be 9 weeks long, there will be a weeks break for the first week of the Easter holidays and will end the week before May half term. Please keep an eye on the website or on our Facebook page for details all places are available on a first come first served basis https://www.facebook.com/highshrewsbury/

  • Hello, I am interested in the aerial hoops and int pole on a Wednesday evening. How much are these classes please and do I have to book before hand ?

    • Hi Charlotte, the new courses in Pole and Hoop on a Wednesday start on Wednesday 31st October, if there are spaces available you will be able to sign up on the website page http://www.highstudioshrewsbury.com/pole-fitness from Sunday 14th October. We run 8 week courses, if you sign up in the first week they are £80 and the week after that price goes up to £90. What experience do you have with Pole so I can determine if the Wednesday class is suitable? Many thanks, Danni

  • Hi Laura, I used to attend the Monday class sporadically due to being a nurse and doing shifts, however my work situation has changed and I’m hoping to be able to come more regularly. I am writing to ask is it would be possible to arrange a session for some of my rowing friends who are interested to come and have a go?? There would most likely be between 6-8 of us depending on availability on the dates you may be able to offer! Hope to see you soon x

  • Hi I’m wondering whether the kids classes are on Mondays still? Can I book single classes?

    • Hi Louise, yes kids classes run term time only. You can book single classes. If you contact Laura directly to book on 07814563203 she can get your child booked, thanks, Danni

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