Pole/ Hoop Courses

background05Pole Fitness & Dance courses started in September 2014 and have been going amazingly, we are now offering various levels but also an opportunity for absolute beginners to join and get started on their pole fitness.

Your teachers Danni, Laura and Becca are all X-pole /Hoop qualified by Xpert Training and are ready to take on absolute beginners all the way through to our advancing polers.

Pole Fitness brings pole dancing into a fitness environment with numerous benefits including improved strength, posture, toning, sculpture, flexibility and can give you a massive boost of confidence and body awareness.  It increases stamina and overall can burn many calories too.  Most of all it is FUN which is an absolute must at High!

Pole is a progressive activity, there is SO much you can achieve BUT you must walk before you can run as we want to ensure your safety and build your confidence and fitness, so we have developed courses that culminate in a routine and mixture of moves including spins, tricks, floor work, lifts and climbs.  You can monitor your progress, achieve a level then be able to move on.  You will receive an introductory pack with the ability to tick off what you’ve mastered, this then enables you to attend sessions with different instructors and they can see EXACTLY what level you are at.

Please take a read of the Pole Etiquette, this will help you to prepare to take part.


Courses are generally 8 weeks long dependent on how the bank holidays fall in the year and are split into categories: Beginner Bronze, Beginner Silver, Beginner Gold.  You must achieve all the criteria in each level before moving on, this is for your safety and ability to progress. You need to achieve the fundamentals of a move before progressing it on.  You then progress onto continuation in which we have created a number of levels of moves to master in each block.

Each session in the block will have something new to learn, and be geared towards learning an end routine so you can put all your new skills together in a finale piece

Each class is 1hr long… 15 minutes of warm up, mobilisation, movement rehearsal for moves later in the class and stretches.  You then move on to the main segment of 40 minutes to learn & rehearse the moves for that day. We then have a 5 minute stretch at the end.


We run mixed sessions to cater for more advanced beginner polers . As a newer facility we will progress new starters and evolve the timetable as we go.

The following descriptions can help determine what level class you can attend.  If you are unsure please contact us at highshrewsbury@gmail.com or on our facebook page

Beginner Bronze…

absolute beginner, either never touched a pole or barely touched a pole. The aim is to have fun, build some fundamental skills and confidence.  You don’t need any experience in dance, gymnastics or fitness and this 8 weeks will condition you ready for some progressions

Beginner Silver…

once bronze has been achieved this is the progression.  You will need to have mastered a basic spin, start to climb and ‘sit’ on the pole

Beginner Gold…

this is an opportunity to really use the strength you have built mastering bigger climbs and dismounts with spins. And taking hands off the pole.


You will learn to invert i.e. hang upside down, have the challenge of new tricks, spins and routines.  This continues on from Bronze, silver and gold levels.


currently advanced will be a mixed intermediate/advanced level and Sarah has set a criteria for her sessions.  Please contact us to determine if this level will be suitable for you or if you require something less advanced.


The hoop courses will run in a similar way, we will initially be running beginners level courses and will incorporate various tricks, strength skills, fitness drills and spins with a view to creating routines.  Aerial hoop is great fun, fantastic for Abs and upper body strength and anyone can do it, we build you up, you gain confidence and you progress.  All classes are led by fully qualified and certified Aerial Hoop Instructors.  All hoops are weight tested and rigging is professional climbing standard.


All sessions will run as courses which you block book for.  Early bird booking will enable you to receive a 10% discount on each course.  Early Bird ends 1 week before the start of a new course.

In the event of being unable to attend a class you have pre-booked we will be able to offer you to transfer to another class within the same course to keep you progressing on your criteria. In the instance of being unable to access another class please message us and we will make arrangements for you to attend an alternative class at High.  Once you have committed to a course unfortunately we do not offer refunds, though circumstances will be taken into consideration.  We can transfer a course.  In the case of exceptional circumstances we will offer a refund, less a 10% admin charge.

You MUST block book for Beginner Bronze, Silver, Gold and Continuation.  Please message us to let us know what level you booking unless we are already aware (i.e. you are already attending sessions)


**NEW blocks of EIGHT week courses will start from week beginning Monday 23rd March**

Early bird sign up starts from Sunday 8th March at £80 a course.  Price goes up to £90 from Sunday 15th March – please book early to avoid disappointment.

Class passes available – see below

Monday 23rd March 2020 :      6.15 – 7.15pm     Beginner / Intermediate & Continuation
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Wednesday 25th March 2020 :   7.15 – 8.15pm     INTERMEDIATE POLE. This class is for those with experience and are at a level of inverting.
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Saturday 28th March 2020:       10 – 11am BEGINNER Bronze, Silver and Gold only group

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Saturday 28th March 2020 :      11.15 – 12.15pm  INTERMEDIATE POLE.  This class is for those with experience and are at a level of inverting.

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**NEW blocks of EIGHT week courses will start from week beginning Monday 23rd March 2020**

Early bird sign up starts from Sunday 8th March at £80 a course.  Price goes up to £90 from Sunday 15th March – please book early to avoid disappointment.

Tuesday 24th March 2020 :     7.50 – 8.50pm   Aerial Hoop mixed ability
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Wednesday 25th March 2020 :    8.30 – 9.30pm    Aerial Hoop mixed ability

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Thursday 26th March 2020 : 7.30 – 8.30pm    Aerial Hoop Mixed ability                                                                                                        (smaller & newer group ideal for new starters)

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If you have any questions please contact us

8 Week Class pass

This gives you access to ONE pole course session, ONE hoop course session a week plus access to other payg classes including… the current challenge e.g. Splits Challenge, Pole Bootcamp, Open Aerial and unlimited Antigravity classes.  Additional Pole and Hoop classes can be attended where space allows.

There are only 5 class passes available and must be committed to for 8 weeks (duration of a pole/hoop course)

Cost: £220

8 Week Class Pass





  • I can’t wait for my first session of antigravity yoga fitness but would really like to do it twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Could this work? How much would you charge for that?

    • hey gill, yes it could work. We are just working out if we can do bulk purchase price, initially trying to keep everything as simple as possible! bear with us but in the mean time maybe book yourself onto one of the sessions and we can go from there, we need to see how the club evolves and what else we can add to the timetable – need to save room for pole in september!! x

      • Thanks for speedy reply
        Yes I’ll book on to one for now. I want to become good at something so want to put the effort it. It is more likely going to be pole-fit actually.
        I’ll book on tomorrow for one evening.
        Gill x

  • Hi I’m looking to start beginner bronze pole-fit, but can’t seem to find sessions to book on to?

    Chelsea x

    • Hi Chelsea, we are currently half way through a course. The next start dates are from Sun 15th at the times shown on the timetable. We are hping to add a new beginners course, we will be updating the sign up for these courses next week. I hope that helps. if you sign up for the newsletter you will get notice of this. Sign up link is on the home page of the website. Danni x

  • Hi,

    I’m wanting to book the Ariel Hoop starting 8th July in the evenings. Just wanted to check it was for beginners?

    Stacey 🙂

  • Hi there, i’m debating whether or not to book the wednesday 13th of january pole course, but i have a few questions. Is this the bookings for 2016? Am i too late to start a beginners course? and finally, would each lesson be on the same day of the week?

    • Hi Jade. Yes these are the new Bookings. We run courses every 8 weeks and are suitable for absolute beginners through to our girls continuing to advance their skills. I currently have 3 spaces left for that course and yes when you sign up you sign up for that day each week fo rthe 8 weeks but we can be flexible. I.e if you cant do Wednesdays because of work/commitments we have space on a Saturday morning at 11.15am you could jump onto a class then. Hope that helps, Danni

  • Hello, I’m looking to join the 8 week Pole course but i’ve confused myself with the dates! Are the dates above the start of 8 week courses? Or was the start date for the 8 weeks 11th Jan and i’ve missed the first class? Poppy x

    • Hi Poppy, you are still fine to join, it’s only the 8th of January today – not got to the 11th yet! We have 1 space starting next wednesday at 7.15pm or 6 spaces starting next Saturday at 11.15pm. Hope that helps, Danni

  • hi. im interested in starting the pole fitness classes, but couldn’t commit to a regular day each week due go work/children. Is there any plans for a daytime course so us mums could come during school hours. Tia

    • Hi Stacey, we are looking into this for this Spring. All of the instructors also teach at other venues around Shropshire and have other jobs so it is about working out best timings for a day time group though it would have to be a regular time and day each week. We will put any progress with this on our Facebook page ‘High Aerial Studio’ and it will be announced via our newsletter. Thanks for your interest, Danni x

  • Hi
    Do u do every Wednesday? And is hoop every Tuesday? I want to start something to continue with long term

    • Hi Chantal, not sure if you got a reply to this. We run Hoop every Tuesday at 7.45pm and Wednesday at 8.30pm. Many thanks, Danni

  • Hi any classes running April 2016
    x Rach

    • Yes all classes are running. We are half way through hoop and pole courses so new courses kick off week beginning Monday 2nd May but you are able to attend any of the payg sessions – Mon 5.45pm Pole Bootcamp, Mon Antigravity 7.30pm, Tuesday Freestyle Fitness Yoga 6pm, Tuesday Antigravity 6.30pm, Wednesday Antigravity 6pm. You can book these online at http://www.bookwhen.com/high if you are interested in a pole or hoop course the bookings open for these on Sunday 17th April. Hope that helps, Danni

  • Ann-Marie Mansell

    Can you confirm classes available and your location please

    • Hi Ann-Marie
      We are located on Battlefield Rural Enterprise park in small workshops area beind the main office building (opposite screwfix). We have space on a Tuesday Hoop at 7.45pm and have 7 weeks remaining until a new course but you are welcome to join that course at any time. We have a few spaces on a Saturday morning Pole class at 11.15am and the 8 week course starts this weekend. Antigravity, Freestyle fitness Yoga and Pole bootcamp can be booked on a payg basis, first come first served and can be booked via our online booking system http://www.bookwhen.com/high If you have any further questions please get back to me, Danni

  • hi

    Ibe just found your website and was wondering if there are any more beginners classes available ?

    • Hi Jean

      Yes we are looking to hold an additional course 10am on a Saturday morning starting Sept 10th. If you are interested please let us know asap, we need 6 people to attend to run this course and already have some keen to do it. If you can contact us via our facebook page to let us know that would be great https://www.facebook.com/highshrewsbury/?fref=ts Many thanks, Danni

  • When will I be able to book for October?

  • Hello, can you tell me when the next available beginners pole dancing classes are? I would really like to start.

  • Hi, I’d like to block book 8 classes and I’m a beginner (never touched a pole). Which one of the above would I book? I’ve looked at maybe the Saturday the 18th march one? Also are the classes on the same days each week or is there flexibility because I work shifts? Thank you

    • Hi Megan, we will know what spaces we have available by the end of this week. The classes suitable for you would be mon 6.15pm, weds 7.15pm, or sat 10am (this already has spaces and is best option) We would, where possible transfer you to another session on weeks that you can’t attend your chosen, there is also an open session on a Thurs 7.30pm that can be used to catch up with missed sessions. Any missed sessions will need to be used within the timeframe of the 8 week course. Places will be available for booking on Sunday 26th February at early bird rate of £72 for 1 week on this link http://www.highstudioshrewsbury.com/pole-fitness I hope that helps, Kind regards, Danni & Laura

  • I do have some problems with a locked muscle in my shoulder but am looking to build core and upper body strength….would pole or aerial hoop be appropriate? And which would be best as I’m interested in both! Thank x

    • Hi Amy
      You should be fine with either of the disciplines. Where needed we can just adapt movements. If you wanted to try Pole we have a 30 min fitness based session ona Monday 5.45pm. The next class will be on Monday 24th April and can be booked at http://www.bookwhen.com/high Then you can decide if you think you could do it. The new courses start week beginning Mon 15th May, spaces for the courses of Pole are in high demand and spaces will be limited, we generally have more space available on hoop at the moment. Any questions please get back to me, Danni

  • Hi I’m a complete beginner. Can I attend the Monday 22nd January 2018 : 6.15 – 7.15pm Beginner / Intermediate & Continuation course or do I join the Saturday 27th January 2018: 10 – 11am BEGINNER Bronze, Silver and Gold course?

    • Hi Sophie, yes if there are spaces available then that class would be suitable to enter as a beginner. Places go live online tomorrow. Please keep an eye on our facebook page as we will announce there when we have set them up, thanks, Danni

  • Hi, if i want to do the beginner 8 week course , what date does it start?

    • Hi Charlotte, all the 8 week courses kick off from the week beginning Monday 3rd September. Bookings will open online from Sunday 19th August when we know what spaces we have available. Hope that helps

  • The very honest blogger

    Hi there. Do you still have spaces on the pole fitness saturday morning course starting on 8th September? I’m a total beginner.


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