Intro to Pole

We are running a 4 week block of sessions every Monday 7.30 – 8.30pm from the 3rd July. This will be for absolute beginners who want to see if Pole is for them, or for those who missed joining our courses due to high demand. The course will cover our foundation criteria that we take our beginners through, ensuring we visit different elements of beginners pole from walking around the pole, basic spins, climb preparation, sitting on the pole, transitions and more. We will also investigate strengthening and mobility work essential for safe poling and building the foundations for moving forward and progressing movements.

The course will be limited to just 6 attendees so you will get a pole to yourself. In our main courses we share poles and sessions are mixed ability. Having the ability to learn with a pole to yourself in a group of absolute beginners will help us get through criteria more efficiently. Our aim is to prepare you with the fundamental skills to filter into any of our mixed ability courses, our Pole Flow class or maybe you are keen to learn to Pole in heels.

*This course is highly recommended for those who are joining the Pole Heels course but have no pole experience.

To join us you can book online via the booking page here


What do I wear? In the first instance come in leggings/tracksuit and t-shirt/vest. We will talk about when we need skin exposure in week 1. By week 2 you’ll need some shorts.

I’m not very fit or strong, will I be able to do it? Absolutely YES. Pole can be for everyone and classes are designed to work on your needs to build you up and get you fitter and stronger

I’m plus size, am I too big to pole? Absolutely not, Pole is for all shapes and sizes. Sometimes we just find moves that suit our bodies. Some of us are thick thighed and have crazy leg strength, others may be big but are super flexible. There are some amazing larger polers who make it look effortless. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, the beauty of pole is that it is so varied you can find YOUR way to get the most out of it. Looking at your instructors at High; Danni loves the flow and the heels work and Lisa is a tricks ninja!

Are boys allowed? Again… YES. Admittedly we have very few males attend High but we have had some amazing polers join us as beginners and left as experienced. We are an inclusive environment so please do get involved.

Does it hurt? I’m not going to lie… be prepared for little bruises (pole kisses) to start with. The more you progress the more bruises you get and in all sorts of places. Over time the skin gets conditioned to the moves and the bruises and pains go away… until you find a new trick you want to master!

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