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Danni Evans

Danni is a veteran of the fitness industry with 28 years experience, has studied many fitness concepts, educated in Sport & Exercise Science (BSc Hons) and has found a passion for the Aerial Yoga.  Danni became a 1 Star Instructor Trainer for Antigravity Fitness in early 2014 and has trained in a variety of Antigravity disciplines from the Fundamentals of Fitness & Yoga to the Restorative & Airbarre concepts. Danni is also Xpert trained in X-pole and Aerial Hoop and is currently teaching the Pole Flow class.  Danni has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. She uses her spare time to weight train, personal train people, work in a local Outdoor clothing shop and is involved in the assessment process of Fitness Instructor qualifications. 

Annalie Gilliver

Originally trained as a dancer, Annalie is a fully qualified Antigravity instructor in fitness, yoga and Airbarre. Her energy and wit will have you squeezing your muscles and improving your core in no time at all whilst having fun at the same time. Annalie has taught at High Studio since it opened in 2014 and teaches two Aerial Fitness classes on a Tuesday evening including an Aerial Restorative yoga once a month. She runs her own business, Fitnessflowuk,and teaches regular Pilates, Yoga and Conditioning classes in Ellesmere, Oswestry and online. She is also a long term teacher of Pilates and Barrefitness at The Shrewsbury Club.

Lisa Haynes

Lisa is the latest edition to the High family. Having been an electronic dance podium dancer across the midlands Lisa brings energy and enthusiasm to her sessions. She is leading our mixed ability Pole groups on Wednesdays and Saturdays and running both Aerial Hoop sessions on Thursdays.  Lisa is a dedicated Aerialist with advanced skill in Pole and despite only jumping on to a hoop late in 2021 she has very quickly developed a high level of skill in Aerial Hoop.  Using her lockdown time effectively, Lisa qualified as an Xpert L1 & L2 Instructor and just recently she has achieved the Xpert L3 & L4 Pole Instruction qualification. Lisa has also developed her skill and qualified as an XPert L1 & L2 Aerial Hoop Instructor and keen to move on to the Aerial Yoga using hammocks as well.  Lisa is available for personal training sessions.

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