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Heels Workshop – What’s the Clack?!

Sunday 1st October at 10.30am. It will be full of fun and sass with essential heel clacks and energy. There will be a break down of clacking those heels, we will work through a number of techniques then put a short routine together that will be aimed at beginners/intermediates to heels but with experience of Pole, so an understanding of our fundamental moves learned in our 8 week courses is needed and a desire to create routines. Please note only specific Pole heels can be worn, not regular shoes. Knee pads essential.

If you are thinking of getting some heels, please read below the advice on getting heels, FAQ’s and a discount code.

The next Introductory Workshop Dates are to be arranged

Bringing the sass to the studio with an introduction to working with heels. We know some people have heels and throw them on to do a routine but not all moves are created equal when using heels, so Danni has put together a first series of introductory workshops to teach everyone how to move safely in heels and make the most out of them to create long lines and mesmerising moves.

Learning the fundamental skills of wearing pole specific heels to apply to heels pole classes and your own practice. Including how to walk, using the pointe of the shoe, transitions to and from the floor and creating shapes and lines with ‘legography’. The workshops will be repeated at a later date but Danni also aims to record them. Access to these recordings will be complimentary for anyone who signs up to the course.

*Pole specific heels essential, knee pads recommended.

Guidance for your first pair of heels

To start with go for 7″ heels (or less). You could look on places like Vinted for a second hand pair to see if you like the. Shoes give you more flexibility in the ankle but less stable and boots are more stable but have less flexibility. If you want to buy new there is a huge selection at tabooboutique.co.uk if you use my link http://rwrd.io/ipyi3sf?s you can get £10 off.

Workshop 1 – Learning to Walk –

Yep it’s as simple as that, learning to walk in heels is quite a skill, so we will be looking at understanding the ins and outs of heels, conditioning that you can also do at home and of course how to walk and put it in to a little flow at the end

Workshop 2 – What’s the ‘pointe’

This week covers the use of the pointe of the shoe, how we can use it to manoeuvre and change the look of positions and then used in a short sequence at the end of the class

Workshop 3 – Legography

Taking us down to the floor to get the legs twirling and waving and creating combinations you can do anywhere

Workshop 4 – The Ups and Downs

How to safely get up off the floor and transition down to the floor in heels in a variety of ways and putting them together into a mini flow

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Do I need special heels or can I wear my normal heels? You need proper pole shoes or boots. They have properties such as the ‘pointe’ that is used in movements, they have more stability, the platform is high and gives us height to do moves.

What height heel should I look for? Beginner people to using heels (not beginner polers) which this course is aimed at, I’d say go for 7″ or less. They’re just a little less scary and stable.

Boots or shoes? Boots give more support around the ankles but with that they have less flexibility. Shoes are the opposite, less support but much more freedom of movement. If you go for shoes go for wider straps or criss-cross straps across the top of the foot. Boots go for softer looking faux leather rather than patent which is stiffer. The boots on the picture are mine 😉

Do I have to do all 4 sessions of this course? If you can, then do them as you’ll benefit so much more. But you can sign up on a PAYG basis or the whole course. I aim to have the 4 introductory workshops recorded to watch online and do at home.

Do I need a pole at home to practice what I do at the workshops? No… that’s the beauty of it, you just need a bit of walking space, a bit of leg twirling space and a wall to act as a prop to hold for balance.

Will you run the course again? Yes, that’s the aim where there’s demand.

Will there be more workshops or classes I can use my heels? Absolutely yes! More workshops will be developed, choreo flow routine classes, you could pop them on when Danni or Lisa create a flow in class or use at home.


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