background06 Here at High all our classes are ‘bare foot’ classes, our specialism is ALL about the aerial fitness offering something completely unique to the community of Shrewsbury. Our primary classes are Antigravity Fitness, Pole Fitness and Aerial Hoop.  We also run shorter sessions such as our 4 weeks Splits challenge, Bendy Backs,  Pole Bootcamp and we now run the Antigravity JUST KIDS programme on a Monday afternoon.

AntiGravity Fitness  A varied programme of sessions allowing you to learn the fundamental practice of AntiGRavity Fitness. You will flip and fly, strength and stretch all in the Harrison Hammock

Pole Fitness  Spinning, climbing, sitting, floor work, standing drills to strengthen, co-ordinate, gain flexibility, improve confidence and body awareness. You will be provided with structured sessions and build towards creating a routine and mastering new moves

Pole Bootcamp  A 30 min High Intensity Interval Training session utilising basic fitness skills on and off the pole. This is a fantastic alternative fitness session.  No prior Pole experience required.  It will improve strength, cardio fitness and for those on courses progressing to bigger and stronger moves it will build up your tolerance to hold those positions.  Please note we will not be doing fancy tricks, inverts or spins in this session.

Open Aerial  This is an opportunity for our current course members to attend a session which is supervised yet not instructor led.  An ideal time to practice that nemesis move or work on putting a flowing routine together.  This is NOT for absolute beginners, you will need to be at least on your Beginner Bronze course or have prior experience in either Pole of Hoop.

Antigravity JUST KIDS  The kids turn! Combining having fun on the Antigravity hammocks and learning principles of exercise and team work, the kids can have a play in a structured class all led by instructor Laura Edwards.  Ages 5 – 12.  They will be split into two age categories, and will be run in term time courses. Holiday sessions will be arranged too.

Aerial Hoop  An 8 week course to build strength, fitness and muscle tone to develop skills in and under the hoop.  Courses are progressive and will lead onto developing routines to challenge cardio and muscular fitness.


  • Please may you advise me on your timetable and availability for pole fitness for beginners. My cousin and I would like to start a course on a Monday night if possible. When I select book a class I cannot see the pole fitness classes so I was just wondering if you still do them? Thanks.

  • Hi I am also looking into barreflow, are the classes for all? X

    • Hiya, yes you can attend Barreflow at anytime, you can book a pay as you go class for £6 or you can book a block of 4 sessions for £20. All bookings are done via our system the class is suitable for all abilities and fitness levels. Danni x

      • Hi danni – I would like to come back to pole having completed 5 out of 8 beginners classes. Couple of queries, is pay as you go an option for pole? Also which class would be best to go back in? Thanks Sarah

      • Hiya Sarah, you can return to which ever class suits you best and you will be a beginner silver level – we currently have girls moving up to silver level on a mon 6.15pm and sat 11.15am. We dont do pay as you go for these courses but we try where we can to offer you a place in a another group or the open pole or Pole bootcamp to catch up so you dont lose out. I am openign up the places for online booking on Monday when we have confirmed which of our current girls are continuing. Hope that helps, Danni x

  • When do the next like classes start for beginners please

  • Hi are you doing beginners classes I’m 50 and very unfit I’ve lost my
    Mojo need it back



    • Hi Mandy, all our classes are multi level. If you are looking for beginners Pole then our saturday 10am class is probably the best option. If you wanted to access antigravity fitness or Freestyle fitness yoga you can book in and have a go any time and your instructor will cater for your ability. I hope that helps, Danni

  • Hi Danni, ive booked onto one of the anti gravity classes on the 20th sept . could i possibly bring a friend to watch. shes unsure about coming and just wants to see if its for her ?

  • Hi,
    I would like to try Pole Fitness. How much are your classes please?

  • Eilish Esme Kincla

    Hi wondering if there is any hoop classes on a Monday?

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