Open Aerial

This is an extra session for our course members to have additional practice.  The session can also be utilised by non course members but they must be able to demonstrate fundamental skills on the pole as this is not an instructor led session, though it is supervised by Becca, a Level 2 qualified X-pert Hoop trainer.


Thursday 7.30- 8.30pm please go to


Open Aerial will run on a Pay As You Go basis

£5.50 for MEMBERS: these are people already signed up to our 8 week courses

£11 for NON-MEMBERS: these are people who are not signed up to our classes – must demonstrate good ability on the pole/hoop to attend this open aerial session



  • Heyy,

    I was wondering about doing an aerial hoop course as I am really interested!
    I have no experience so would be a beginner!
    Could you met me know details please 🙂

    Zoe xx

    • Hi Zoe, we will start our next courses week beginning 29th October, when we know what space we have we will open the places for booking online on Sunday 14th October. If you follow our Facebook page you will see us announce the available spaces and when they are online to book. The course costs £80 and is 8 weeks long, this course will run 7 weeks up to Christmas then back in the new year to finish the last week before we start another 8 week block. I hope that helps, Danni

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