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To book your Antigravity course or session, please click on the following link, this will take you to the bookwhen booking site….

Book online

This will take you to a bookings page for the 4 week blocks & payg sessions for Antigravity, Pole Bootcamp and Open Pole.  Bookings are secured with payment which can be done via paypal.


We have a 12 hour cancellation policy, you will be able to transfer your session within the block you have purchased or be used as an additional session in the next course

Please download the HEALTH Q – high complete and bring with you to your first session.  If the questions on the health questionnaire raise any concerns please contact us prior to your first session.

Please also take a read of the High Etiquette for using the hammocks



  • Hi have u stopped doing the Tuesday morning antigravity sessions as I wanted to addend while my kids r at school which is not possible with a Saturday session?

    • Hi Kirsty, yes we have due to a lack of consistency of attendance, we will re-instate the class if we have more demand for it and hope to have a day time timetable to offer in the near future.

      Many thanks

  • Hi Id be interested in a day time high yoga session or 2 in the week. Im a single parent so evenings are tough for me with childcare. I do work shifts though so they vary but I get my rota 4 weekly. Do you have any more plans fir day sessions?

    • Hi, we hope to have some day time classes on in the near future. Due to the specialist nature of our classes finding instructors is tricky but we are working on it. Please keep an eye on our website and facebook page ‘High Aerial Studio’ and we will hope to bring you something soon. Kind regards, Danni

  • I’m interested in the AntiGravity Fitness Class, is there a student rate?

    • Hi Lauren
      Unfortunately due to such limited numbers in our classes we don’t offer a student rate. We do a block booking for 4 weeks which reduces the price by £1 per session. Hope that helps, Danni

  • When is he next four week course starting for antigravity xx thank you

    • Hi Lesley, unfortunately yes you’ve missed our taster session but with Antigravity you can book on to an individual session or book the 4 week block. You can start your 4 weeks at any time. We have classes Mon 7.30pm, Tues 6.30pm and Weds 6pm. You can book on via the link all the pay as you go classes are listed in date order and you can select which you’d like to attend and check out via paypal. i hope that helps, kind regards, Danni

  • Hi, myself and my friend would like to try the 2 Wednesday night sessions, Aerial hoop and beginners int pole, firstly, can we contact you some how to discuss these sessions and secondly, I don’t have PayPal so is there another way to pay?

    • Hi Jody, our Hoop and Pole sessions run as courses. We are currently half way through a course so our next block starts from week beginning March 14th. We put the available places up for grabs from Sunday 26th on this website but if you don’t have paypal we can arrange payment via bacs or you can pop in cash to the studio. We wont know how many spaces we have available until that date though so can’t take an early booking. Due to the popularity of the courses we dont run these sessions as one offs. If you can attend a Monday at 5.45pm Laura runs Pole Bootcamp which covers the fitness drills element of Pole which would give you an introduction. If you’d like to discuss this further you can contact myself on 07800 973854 or Laura on 07814563203 ideally in the day time between 1 and 4pm. Many thanks, Danni

  • Hi there, I would like to book an 8week pole package for a beginner. Where do I do this?

  • hi, I dont know if you still check these comments or not but I am 14 years old and I am very interested in starting Aerial Hoop classes-when does the next beginner set open and would I be able to do it? Thanks, Lauren 🙂

    • Hi Lauren we get email notification of any comments here so get to see messages regularly. Our next beginners course starts in June on a Thursday at 6.30pm. It will be an 8 week course costing £72. You would be able to do it with a parents/guardians consent. Keep an eye on the website in the middle of May – courses will be able to be booked from Sunday 20th. Hope that helps, Danni

  • Hi, can you give me some more information on your pole dancing classes?

    Also do you offer monthly memberships? If so, would we be allowed to practice on the poles outside of set classes?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Jessica, our new courses start next week. If you look on the Pole Fitness page of the website you will find all the details. We have places left on a Saturday 10am for beginners. There are only course prices not monthly memberships and the only opportunity for extra Pole practice is in our Open session where you can practice what you have learned in class whilst an instructor is in the studio. This is half price to Pole course members. If you go to all info is there to read which will tell you everything we offer, kind regards, Danni

  • Hiya, I’ve just booked onto an 8 week course in aerial hoop for Thursday nights as it said that night was a smaller group and better for beginners, but looking at the timetable above it said that night was open aerial?? I was just wondering if I’ve booked onto the right thing as I’m a complete beginner

    • Hi Laura, yes I’ve checked the email confirmation from PayPal and you’ve booked the correct course. Thursday is a small group Aerial Hoop course but we offer Open access for up to 4 others who aren’t in the aerial hoop class and not instructed. Thanks, Danni

    • Hi Laura, Apologies if this is a repeat message as I responded to email earlier in the week, but just to confirm, the small group course runs within the Open Aerial time slot so you have booked correctly. Please take time to look at the directions to the studio as we are not visible from the road side Thanks, Danni

  • Hi there please Could you tell me if there is a weight limit for anti gravity fitness? And also if long nails would be a problem? Kindest regards

    • Hi Anna, the hammocks are suitable for all weights. Long nails are ok if smooth and not embellished with anything. Ideally not too long as it restricts your grip and the hammocks are delicate but as a beginner you wouldn’t be challenged to many moves that would be effected too much. Hope that helps, Danni

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