Welcome to High Aerial Studio…we are different! That’s right, we specialise in aerial fitness giving those who don’t like the usual treadmill and weights combo or cardio classes of a gym, an opportunity to get fit and healthy. Or maybe for those of you who want to add or do something different to your usual routine. If you look through the website you will find details on the classes and a timetable.  Danni & Laura and their team bring you various classes including Pole Fitness, Pole Bootcamp, Antigravity Fitness, Aerial hoop, 4 week felxibility challenges including Spits & bendy backs and High is proud to announce they are 1 of only 4 UK facilities to offer the Antigravity JUST KIDS programme, catering for children from age 5 – 12.

With the HUGE success of Basecamp Health & Fitness Centre in Ellesmere which is run by Danni and husband James and where Laura instructs, the ladies decided to focus completely on the aerial fitness due to a passion found for flying and hanging upside down – life IS better upside down.  The AntiGravity Fitness featured as one of the top 10 trends for 2014 and is participated in by stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Maria Carey and take a look at the clip below to see Pink flying VERY high.

inversion 1

We are now heading towards our fifth year of business and it has been a fantastic journey. This is a unique studio specialising in aerial and barefoot activities, there is no other like it in Shrewsbury or surrounding areas.  We want to create an inviting and happy place for you to come and be a part of, to exercise without judgement and be a name not a number. High Studio welcomes EVERYBODY and aims to help you have fun, achieve and raise the happy hormones allowing you to leave with a smile on your face.

Fly High!  Achieve High!  Get High!


  • Hi, I’ve seen your add and it looks great. I suffer with osteoarthritis in my lower back and was wondering if this exercise would help? Thanks

    • Hi Lisa, you should be fine with the AntiGravity Fitness, we will be able ot assess how you do on the first session and we can advise from there if there are any movements you should avoid, arthritis is generally best kept mobile which this will help with. Danni

  • trace williams

    I have two bad shoulders but would really love to join….Could you see any probs as long as I’m careful

    • Hiya, I’m sure you’d be fine as long as the nstructor knows what your shoulder problem is and we can adapt where necessary. What is the problem with your shoulders? Danni

      • trace williams


        I’ve had R shoulder repaired *3 pins*and awaiting laser on that one plus torn rotator cuff on L shoulder.
        Both rotator cuff injury

  • when was the surgery on the shoulder?

  • Ok normally we say 6 mopnths post operations so that should be fine. We will be starting with basics anyway and if there’s anything that seems too challenging we can give you an alternative

  • Hi, I’m interested in the anti gravity sessions- however I’m 6ft 4 and have height related neck problems. Is my height going to be a problem using the hammocks?

    • Hi Julie

      There would be no issue with your height at all, the hammocks are suspended from a 10ft high structure and we have had other tall people take part! With regards to any problems with your neck, any moves can be modified to accomodate you. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask

  • Hi!
    I came this morning and had a taster in anti gravity and pole …. Loved every minute of it…. Your teaching style is fantastic and enthusiasm contagious! Which link do I press on to find our the prices for block booking etc? I can’t wait to get signed up xx

  • Hi hun, I’m looking to start pole asap. Can you tell me when are hot classes and how much they are please? Thank you xxx

  • Hello
    could you please tell me when and where your classes are in Shrewsbury and how much the cost is.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Liz, classes are based in the Studio at Battlefield Rural Enterprise park, Shrewsbury. If you click on this link it will take you to the timetable page to see class /course times. What classes are you interested in – we have Antigravity, Aerial Hoop, Pole and Barreflow? Cost varies from £6 to £10 dependant on what it is. Pole and Aerial hoop run in 8 week courses. Let me know if you have any questions


      Thanks, Danni

  • Hi, I would really like to do the antigravity yoga and the pole. I have never done either so I’m a complete novice!! Do you run courses or is it drop in classes? Also, do you need to book it in advance and what is the cost – either per session or per course please.

    Thanks very much

    • Hi Theresa, Antigravity can be booked on a pay as you go basis or as a block of 4 classes. The Pole Bootcamp 5.45pm on a MOnday is a pay s you go class too as it is basic fitness drills using the pole – builds strength and fitness. Our next blocks of Pole courses start in July and we are hoping to have a new beginners course available as all our current classes are fully subscribed. if you can get to the Pole Bootcamp it’s a great start and you could start attending straight away. All payg classes can be booked online at http://www.bookwhen.com/high just scroll through to the ddate and class you want. Any questions please ask, Danni

  • *pole classes, sorry- typo!

  • Hi, please can I have times of the anti gravity yoga classes in Shrewsbury? This is something I’m really interested in having a go at to help improve my strength.

  • Hiya we have classes in Antigravity Fitness Mondays at 7.30pm, Tuesdays 6.30pm and Wednesdays at 6pm. You can book on a pay as you go basis via our online booking system at http://www.bookwhen.com/high If you have any further questions please feel free to get back to us, Danni

  • Hi, how do I go about booking the beginner pole classes on a Wednesday at 7.15pm? Thinking of doing the course.

  • Hi, I am new to pole and haven’t done it before and want to start from scratch, I got confused when going to book, would that mean booking Pole Bootcamp-non member?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Louise

      Yes the Pole Bootcamp non-member is one option or you can join our courses that start from Monday 16th January. We currently have spaces on the Monday or Satruday courses. They are 8 weeks long. you can book at http://www.highstudioshrewsbury.com/pole-fitness these courses teach the skills and are certificated. The pole bootcamp is purely fitness training on the pole but can be attended by anyone at any level. I hope that helps, Danni

  • Where can I find the document to sign before I join?

  • Hi, do you run taster sessions for small groups. We may have a group of us that would like to try a little if each of the aerial classes, say hoop, yoga and pole. Similar to the session you ran fir active women inShrewsbury?
    If so what would the price structure be?

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